Thursday, January 12, 2017

Try JIN SHIN JYUTSU on your finger in 60 seconds! It will help you to balance your health!

How really does technique work? The historical technique of healing is known as Jin Shin Juytsu corresponding to Japanese substitute medicine every single finger is linked with 2 body organs.

With this technique you will be confident to get astonishing effects} quickly and also it can help you balance your emotions by stimulating certain points of your hands.


How to do this? particular body organs by properly carrying or rubbing the finger on one hand for 3-5 minutes. Inhale deeply while doing this and massage the fingers on both of your hands.

Connection between the fingers and body organs:

Thumb – it is connected with stomach and spleenwort; skin problems, headaches, stomachaches, and nervousness; anxiety and depression.
Index finger – kidneys and urinary bladder; digestion problems; muscle pain, toothache, and back pain; fear, confusion, and discontent.
Middle finger – bitter, liver, and yolk; headache, migraines, tiredness, circulation problems, and menstrual pain; indetermination and irritability.
The ring finger – large intestines and lungs; digestion problems, skin conditions, respiratory issues, and asthma; pessimism, sadness, and fear.
Pinkie finger – heart and small intestine; sore throat, bone problems, and heart diseases; lack of self-confidence, nervousness, and anxiety.
Rub one of these fingers for 60 seconds minimum for optimal results.


Source: worldnewswebsite.