Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Must Read: Use this method To Get Rid Of Cough's Phlegm Overnight Particularly Good for Children!


Cough is the natural method through which the body tries to get rid of the accumulated mucus or phlegm from the lungs.  A cough can seem terrible, but it's not a sign of a serious problem but is annoying even to people surrounding us, and it can prevent us from concentrating.

Ginger Wraps

"Honey is a remedy for a number of ailments. This includes general detoxification and treatments for dry skin. However, honey can also be used to soothe colds, because of its ability to remove mucus from the lungs. Honey is a safe treatment for both children and adults."


How to Make Honey Ginger Wraps

To start you need this stuff.

It is extremely fast and simple to make these roll and you will only need a coupl of easy items. Some people prefer using tin toil for the wrap

*Coconut oil

Rachel Lim, form Singapore applied this wraps on her child and she shared her experience on Facebook, confirm its tremendous results.

"She used tin foil instead of gauze for her wraps. The child was always coughing 2 or 3 hours before bed. He coughed profusely and whined. According to Rachel, after putting this wrap on him, which she kept for 4 hours, she didn’t hear him cough and he also didn’t have nasal congestion or phlegm."

Ginger is also popular as a effective therapy for coughs. It can relieve nasal symptom, but also sore throat.