Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Diabetes are a major problem across the world. Experts believed that the major reason on why diabetes causes these so much troubles is because of the eating pattern of most people.


Diabetes affects the body's ability to produce blood sugar and it comes in 2 distinct forms

In the case of type 1 diabetes the blood is unable to creat its own insulin. This type is congenital and usually occurs at a young age.

The type 2 diabetes it is typically caused by obesity, this type hindered the body to use its insulin very well. 90% diabetes are cause by this cases.

Insulin is a hormone that alliws the body to process sugar or glucose. Insulin regulates  the body sugar levels keeping them from getting too high of too low. Without enough insulin the body's cells will absorb too much sugar, causing the blood sugar level to increase. This could damage the eyes, kidneys and nerves. Diabetes also leads to heart disease, stroke, amputation and even death.


Medication for this disease might be expensive. However there are some remidies that can be used as alternatives for diabetes.

Eggs are effective in controlling the blood sugar levels. Although it's high in cholesterol.

In a study conducted by the AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION. They found that eggs are excellent when it comes to controlling the body sugar level. It contains enough carbohydrates for the body so a patient no longer needs to consume foods that contain high level of sugar such as rice.

In addition, scientists at the UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN ENGLAND also found out that eggs have nutrients and minerals which helps the body metabolize sugar.

Expert suggest to consume eggs daily. A diabetes is not a problem with the body's over production of sugar, but instead a problem rooted with the body's lack of six essential minerals DR JAIME DY-LIACCO said.

2 raw eggs
12 pieces native chill pepper
1/2 teaspoon marine or sea salt


Cut and grind the chilli peper
Mix the peppers with raw eggs
Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt
Drink the mixture
Consume for several days

Source: TNP