Tuesday, December 13, 2016



Dream are to be said relates to the unconscious. But what's behind those objects on your dreams, they said to have a hidden message. Although there are no definite interpretations for the dreams, the following dream meanings offer a sound starting pount to learn your own dream meaning.


A house as a whole are said the representation of your mind. Each rooms are said ti symbolize different aspect of your personality such as emotions and memories. House is also a symbol of comfort and security. The basement signifies unconscious mind while the attic refera to hidden memories.


teeth are common dream symils. Having rotten teeth symbolizes anxiety and fear. While pulling of teeth means that something need to come out.


It symbolizes the accomplishment of your ambition. These dreams also relates in freedon abd success. It also means that you might come out to free from stressful situation or you might achieve or stablish goals.



You might find it as unusual you migh fear this as well. But death is actually related to a change. Death dreams mean that there will be a change or something will end. It might be a situation that your in, a habit or a relationship. End is always follow by a new beginning. Dreaming of death maybe a perspective of the dreamer a good or a bad dream.


Money symbolizes luck, value or your own perception of self worth. If you dream winning a lottery it means that you will make some great changes in lifestyle, and if your dreaming of giving a money it symbolizes a fear or loss.


The water is a sign of purity and cleansing. It is representation of concious life experience as well of feelings and emotions. While some says that a abundant life might shower to you.


Dreams of fire symbolize different things, depending on the context of your dream. Playing with fire indicates that some risky activity or a danger is about to develop while seing a distance fire signifies transformation and desire. If you are dreaming of a starting fire, it means that you are dealing with repressed anger.