Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Must Read! Your fat cells may contain toxins that makes you swollen

Toxins are substances created by plants and animals that are poisonous to humans. Toxins also include some medicines that are helpful in small doses, but poisonous in large amounts.

Most toxins that cause problems in humans come from germs such as bacteria. For example, cholera is caused by a poisonous bacteria.

Other toxins that cause problems include metals, such as lead, and certain chemicals in the environment.


There are 2 groups of toxins:

Water soluble toxins, which are removed through the kidneys and the blood.

Fat soluble toxins, which are difficult to be removed.

Fat Soluble Toxins are difficult to be removes and they can be completely removed only when they become water soluble.



The toxins and the sludgy bile result in congestion within the biliary tubes in our liver, the liver lets fat-soluble toxins into our blood stream. The toxins will then reach the fat cells and get stored for years. This leads to damage due to free radicals. This will cause numerous health problems, because over time, these toxins can transform into neurotoxins and get stored in the fatty tissues in our brain.


It is important to detox our body through the fat metabolism. The elimination of fat cells helps in further toxin removal. This can be achieved by burning fat, losing weight, improving the lifestyle, reducing stress and incorporating a healthy diet.

Here are the methods for cleansing your liver and bile.



3 lemons or a single large grapefruit
4 tbsp epsom salt
Half cup of virgin olive oil
Apple juice (you may also use malic acid supplements) – optional


4 to 5 days before starting the treatment, you should take as many apples you can or drink apple juice. You may also use malic acid supplements. In the last two days, take 8 ounces of apple juice every 2 to 3 hours. This will help in making your cleansing process a success.

During the 1st day of the treatment, start with a light breakfast without any fats. This will help in getting the stones from the liver.


"At 2pm the same day: Mix 4 tbsp of Epsom salts in three cups of water in a jar. Keep it in the refrigerator. Avoid taking any food after 2 pm.

At 6pm: Take three-fourth cup of the mixture from the jar. To improve the flavor you can add 1/8 tbsp of powdered vitamin C.

At 8 pm: Take again three-fourths of the mixture. You shouldn’t do anything after doing a liver cleanse, just lying down and sleeping.

At 9:45: Take a jar and add half cup of the virgin olive oil into it. Take the grapefruit and squeeze the juice into the jar. Use a fork to remove the pulp. This will give you half to three-fourths juice to mix with the olive oil. Close the lid and shake well.

At 10 pm: Drink this mixture. Try to consume the whole mixture within 5 minutes.

Then, lie down on your right side. The right knee should be kept up pointing to your chin for around 20-25 minutes. Avoid any movement and you can go to sleep.

In the morning, just after you wake up, take three-fourth cup of Epsom salt dosage and you can again go to sleep. Consume the remaining salts 2 hours later. Then, wait for another 2 hours before you take anything (avoid solid fruits yet). You should take only fluids and then gradually move to fruits."

Source: minionscoop.blogspot.com