Monday, October 3, 2016

Why is is not advisable to wear high heels shoes

Wearing high heels shoes can make or break a woman. For some women, they prefer wearing "deadly shoes" but some prefer comfort over difficult.


Women who are always wearing high heeled shoes have the possibility of damaging knees, feet, hips, and ankles.

It’s a reality that one among ten ladies use high heels three times per week, nearly 33% percent women have come across some sort of problem because of using them.

According to a scientific data result, one of the biggest reason why food problem occurs is because of wearing high heels. This may cause permanent injuries or even damaged a muscle.

When you wear high heels:

"- your toes are constantly in unnatural position. "That can cause your tendons to be affected and ingrown your toenails.

- it overwork your muscles and have constant pain. Continuous use of high heels is discourage for this cause the pain to occur.

- your foot move forward and that put toe in unnatural position.

- it put pressure on nerves, and cause sciatica.

- it shortens calf and back muscles, and lead to muscle spasm and pain.


- if worn too often, you may suffer shortening of Achilles."

How to protect feet from Damage

1. Choose shoes that fits your comfort. In choosing high heels, you may use 1-2 inch and a wider/thick heels is also advised to spread out your weight evenly.

2. Always Stretch feet and calf muscles.

3. Choose shoes that is fit for your feet. So that you "feet will not slide forward to relieve pressure." Also, soft insoles are good to lessen the impact on your knees

Source: theartikulounonews