Friday, October 28, 2016

This is what happen if you eat Eggs every day!

Egg is a regular morning food in our breakfast every day! It is a perfect source of protein. It will provide you an a powerfull brain nutrients, easily digested amino acids! In short it was good to your body.


What more?

Eggs Are Rich in Unique Antioxidants,  particularly rich in the two antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants gather in the retina of the eye and protect against the eye diseases macular degeneration and cataracts (6, 7, 8).

In one study, supplementing with an average of 1.3 egg yolks per day for 4.5 weeks increased blood levels of lutein by 28-50% and zeaxanthin by 114-142% (9).


Single causes eggs are stopped is due to fear of them increasing cholesterol, based in some professional researcher eggs are not actually increased your cholesterol!

If you want to know what is the incredible effects of eggs in your body read the 12 insight below.

1.) Lower High Blood Pressures -  Peptides present in eggs help reduce high blood pressure.
2.) Eggs are a great source of protein
3.) Eggs contain a high level of essential omega-3 fatty acids, good for your heart.
4.)  vitamins and minerals help promote hair and nail growth.
5.) Eggs Turn LDL Cholesterol From Small, Dense to Large, Linked to a Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
6.) Eggs Contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Antioxidants That Have Major Benefits For Eye Health
7.)  Eggs Are High in Quality Protein, With All The Essential Amino Acids in The Right Ratios
8.) Eggs do NOT Raise Your Risk of Heart Disease and May Reduce The Risk of Stroke
9.) Eggs help to prevent cataracts and to protect eye sight
10.)  Eggs can help to protect our bones


It is good right? Watch the video below Why You Should Be Eating More Eggs the video was uploaded by Business Insider so I give credit to them! However you will learn more fact regarding this topic.

Source: healthyeating