Wednesday, October 19, 2016

She cured her stage 4 cancer, because drinking this juice!

This woman named, Anne Cameron is the one notable children's book author. In the year 2012, this woman was diagnosed with colon cancer and she settled to share here experience with this frightful disease in the world.

This woman underwent surgery to get rid of the tumor and was hypothetical to have chemotherapy handlings subsequently. Unfortunately, Anne Cameron was so disappointed or let down from her husband's abortive treatment that cause her not to do it at all, but she seemed for a substitute method of treatment alternatively.

While she was looking for a substitute natural therapy to care for her cancer, she found info about Ralph Cole, this man who exacted to have healed his cancer by drinking 2 pounds of carrot juice a day.


She began to drink carrot juice daily with the same everyday doses.

Afterwards 8 weeks, she takes that medical test uncovered that the cancer has stopped dissemination, the tumors and lymph glands start to decrease.

After 4 months, the tumor was still removing and she matt-up far better. 8 months after, a CT scan proved that the cancer was totally gone.


This Carrot juice is absolutely compatible with chemotherapy and coincident radiation, but Ann settled to try, merely the carrot juice "because she didn't deprivation to go done all the side-effects from chemotherapy."

That means, she had no chemotherapy, no radiation, no other treatments only carrot using up. Ann said, "There's no hurt in proroguing the common treaments and testing a natural alternative to break off the dispersed and hopefully heal the disease."

Source: healthynationph