Monday, October 10, 2016

Must Watch! People with Diabetes should avoid eating these foods

There is a new breakthrough in medicine. Medical experts already found out foods that are good and bad in producing carbohydrates.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes. You should eat healthy foods that can help your body in fighting your high sugar levels.

High Glycemic index are foods that can easily be absorb by your body. They are two kinds of carbohydrates the good and bad.


You should avoid eating bad carbohydrates such as potatoes, french fries, refined white sugar, white rice. These foods contain around 80-100 glycemic index.

Instead, eat foods that produce good carbohydrates. Such as vegetable they contain 30-50 glycemic index.  They are also food that belong as medium such oatmeal, spaghetti and wheat bread.

If you are diabetic you should consume foods that are more in good carbohydrates.