Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eliminate your wrinkles, acne, dark spots and skin allergies using this natural method.

Bayabas or Guava is a natural tree in the Philippines, If you are worried regarding the wrinkles, acne, blemishes, allergies or dark spots on your face? Well, you don’t need to get any chemical procedures to get rid of them. An effortless and organic treatment for this is guava leaves.


Here are four purposes of guava leaves:

Elimination of Wrinkles

It has been deductively confirmed that the leaves of guava are much more gainful than the natural product. They contain hostile to tumor properties, and can effectively pulverize free radicals in the body. Subsequently, guava leaves speak to an intense hostile to wrinkle device. Likewise, they are to a great degree gainful in enhancing the nature of the skin.

Acne Treatments

The American Journal of Chinese Medicine distributed a study which uncovered that guava leaves are profoundly useful against tiny creatures bringing on skin break out, since they have greatly effective antibacterial properties. Other than dispensing with the reasons for skin inflammation, guava leaves can calm your skin and diminish the presence of pimples.

Lighten Dull Spots

Guava leaves can likewise be utilized as a part of medications of flaws, for example, red and dull spots all over. They go about as a conditioning operator, and decrease bothering by crushing minuscule creatures.

Cure Atopic Dermatitis


These leaves mitigate the redness and disturbance created by atopic dermatitis. Besides, they contain hostile to hypersensitive properties that hinder the production of histamines (chemicals that are discharged in the body as a feature of an unfavorably susceptible response, bringing about the run of the mill tingling, sniffling, wheezing and swelling sensitivity side effects).

How to use:

- Take a few guava leaves.
- If you are using it to help treat atopic dermatitis take some dried leaves.
- Now crush these leaves and add them to a pot of boiling water.
- Let the leaves boil in the water till the water turns brownish in colour and looks concentrated.
- Allow the solution to cool and then using a cotton ball apply the solution on your face or the area you would like to treat.
- Apply it thoroughly on your face and allow to stay for about fifteen after which you can wash your face with plain water.
-Do this twice a week for effective results.

Source: baby-kids-parents