Thursday, September 1, 2016

Watch! A drug that can make you into a Zombie

As we all know, using drugs is illegal but there are still drug manufactures that are brave enough to create a new type of drug. It is believed that this type of drug shocked the world for turning a human being to a zombie-like behavior.


So, if you think Zombies are just limited to the tv series and movies we watch and a costume for halloween you are dead wrong.

This drug is called ‘Flakka Drug’ it came from the word ‘Flocka’ meaning to gravel and signified stone and wings. It is originally manufactured in China and later on spread around the world.

This is a popular drug for it is cheap wherein most people could definitely afford it. It comes as a foul-smelling white or pink crystal. You can either snort, inject, eat or vape Flakka.


Many cases were reported such as, agitated man running naked through traffic, a delusional drug addict who attempted to perform a intimate act on a tree and then resisted arrest, and a paranoid man trying to break into a police station to seek safety.

People who use Flakka are experiencing hallucinations, paranoia, increase in strength and hyper stimulation. You can feel your heart racing. 

You will have panic attacks. You may end up being depressed and suicidal.

You may be curious that you want to try but think about the bad effects that will harm your body.

Source: TNP