Monday, September 19, 2016

This Kang Kong is a type noxious weeds that very dangerous to our health!

This Kang Kong is the one favorite of many Filipinos, whether it's flurry fried, Adobo or used in Sinigang, it's regarded as one of their best-loved vegetable.

Kangkong is indeed a "Superfood" this vegetable containing highly rich in  vitamins and nutrients. Nevertheless, according to some study that shows this Kang Kong or water spinach belongs to a noxious weed.


According to some expert these groups of weed are harmful and has been specified by an agrarian authority as one that is hurtful to  crops, natural habitats or ecosystems, and humans or livestock. About this type of noxious weeds has been preceded into an ecosystem by ignorance, misdirection, or fortuity.

Actually, they are plants that develop sharply, multiply cursorily without natural controls and expose untoward affects done contact or ingestion.

Some things that you must know about KANGKONG!

Must be heedful of how you prepare, cook and eat it, or you could end up with a case of Fasciolipsiasis. A stipulation induced by the Fasciolopsis buski, its a big parasitic intestinal fluke that can be plant or found as larval cysts set on the Kang Kong and other water vegetables in the desire that a heedless human will eat up it raw.


In humans and other animals like pig, that cysts put out the fluke that anchors itself to the wall of the intestine and induces indigestion, sensitized reactions and abdominal pain.

It's a entire gross-out and untreated cases can be disastrous, so it's recommended to fry or furuncle it decently before serving.