Thursday, September 1, 2016

This carrot can cure cough phlegm, flu and cleanse the lungs problem!

Naturally relieves are constantly a better choice than schematic solutions. Discover the goodliest of ingredients , which means find the healthiest ingredients that makes best for you and to keep off any side effects.

Here some recipe that exceedingly treating the unreasonable coughing and mucus, It is natural remedy and safe to utilize which that can be used for adults and children.


Carrots are good for diabeties and people with high-blood pressure and thus carrot is commended to OPT for a carrot juice with a higher absorption of nutrients.

Here some benefits of carrots;

-Boost your resistance
-Optimal cardiovascular health
-Lower cholesterol
-Preclude to cancer
-Skin-friendly and acne treatment
-Proper detoxification
-This carrot that contains calcium, which to improve digestion
-Rich source of nutrients which are good for the skin.

Here's the recipe


First, prepare the following ingredients:

-½Kg of carrots
-Purified water
-3-4 tbsp. Of organic honey


Cleanse and peel the carrots, carry-over to a pot and then, Boil the carrots until they become mild, then keep-up the liquid that means preserve.

This carrot can you mash or grind, then add 3-4 tablespoon of organic honey in the water and carrot.

Store your relieve in  a cool place.

Source: Minionscoop.blogspot / Myhealthylifeteam