Monday, September 19, 2016

Shocking health benefits of bananas you didn't know (No.7 Is Very Important)

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the entire world. Presently, there are 107 countries that grow and produce bananas.

They are rich in minerals and vitamins hence it is called as super food. They can boost the function of your brain resulting to higher IQ.


Did you know? That American consume more Bananas than apples and oranges combined.

Bananas should be eaten in a daily basis, because they contain alot of health benefits and tcan help you combat alot of medical illnesses:

– Morning sickness;
– Blindness;
– Diabetes;
– Osteoporosis;
– Depression;
– Kidney cancer.

Here are the 10 benefit of bananas when consumed regularly: 

Prevents calcium loss
Bananas help you to better absorb the minerals by your bones and makes your teeth stronger.

Makes you a smarter person
As we mentioned before, they boost the brain functions, as well as cognitive and reasoning ability. This happens because they consists of high potassium which is needed for proper brain activity.


They prevent kidney cancer
Due to the ability of promoting calcium absorption, they are able to prevent kidney cancer. They also prevent the formation of kidney stones. They will also boost your teeth and bones, and will offer protection for your eyes from macular degeneration.

To combat anaemia
Their rich content of iron will help you boost and straighten your blood and in that way it will prevent anaemia.

Aids proper digestion
Bananas are also rich in dietary fiber and because of that they can help you in combating indigestion and constipation by regulating and normalizing motility.

Regulates blood sugar levels
If you suffer from diabetes, you should consume bananas. They will also help you with depression and PMS symptoms. They will improve your mood.

Heart attack and stroke protection
If you consume bananas, you will for sure be protected from heart attack and you won’t suffer from stroke. That is because they are rich in potassium and contain less sodium.

Fight depression
They can fight depression because they are rich in tryptophan. When it is consumed it gets transformed into serotonin which is a brain neurotransmitter that regulates your mood to happy.

To combat inflammation
Bananas contain vitamin B6 which helps in combating inflammation of your joints. It also combats type 2 diabetes, production of white blood cells and it straightens your nervous system.

Boost energy levels
If you consume bananas regularly, you will for sure boost your energy levels. If you are in the gym regularly, it is advised to consume bananas before you exercise for you too have a higher energy levels to perform the activities.

Source: livehealthywithus
Image credit: authoritynutrition