Thursday, September 1, 2016

Problem of having a bloated stomach? Here are the tips that are effective in just 12 hours

Most of us have experienced the feeling of having a bloated stomach. So, a fitness blogger named Tiffany Brien is not exempted from this 'epidemic'. She took photos when she was bloated and when her stomach was flat. Her bloated photo was taken before she went to bed and the other one was when she just woke up. For the span of only twelve hours, there is already a big change to how her stomach look.

She blamed the bloated stomach on lack of sleeping, consumption of unhealthy foods, stress and hormones. On her post, she told other women not to worry when they are feeling bloated because everyone went to that phase and she wants to motivate them.


For how many years, having a bloated stomach is her concern. She found out what triggered it such as eating certain foods and doing certain activities.

Also she noticed that there were periods where she don't have any clues on why her stomach becomes bloated. She said that the reason for that is because sometimes our bodies can become intolerant to something we have consumed for years and that you have to work it out. She also added that being stressed caused many health problems. She started to sleep more and eat the right foods.

She also shared tips and photos of the improvements.

To drink peppermint tea to soothe the tummy.

To write a food dairy, and to check when you feel bloated.

To look down into gut health supplements (multivitamins and probiotics)

To sleep enough!