Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Must Watch! Type of cancer that begins in moles

Moles are growth of the skin which are usually brown or black. Having 10-40 moles during adulthood are said to be normal.

But as years pass, some moles are slowly changing it may disappear or change in color. Often times, hair grows on some moles.

There is a type of cancer that begins in moles which is 'melanoma'. It can be cured if it is early diagnosed and treated.


You must observe these codes: A,B,C, and D

A stands for Asymmetry which means the shape must be circle and does not expand.

B for border that should be flawless around the edges and bleeding of moles must be avoided.

C for color it must be brown or black

D for diameter must be small and should not expand drastically.


There are various tips to avoid this type of cancer. Avoid being expose to ultra violet radiation. Don't expose yourself from the heat of the sun from 10 AM-4 PM.

Too much sunbathing is discourage and when you do put sun block with atleast 30SPF to protect your skin. Also, every end of the month, examine yourself in the mirror.

Ask for the medical practitioner's help if your moles need to be removed especially if the moles are located in the areas of friction or where we often scratch.