Saturday, September 10, 2016

Must Read! You might have a testicular cancer without you knowing

Testicles are 2 egg shaped glands located in the scrotum or the loose bag of skin which is underneath the manhood. It produces sperm and testosterone.


Testicle Cancer usually occurs in one or both testicles of young men also to older men. But according to a study in the United States, this was the most common cancer with males with ages 15 to 35.

There were 8,720 men in total that participated in the said study and was positively diagnosed, without them having an idea that they already got the cancer.

It can be treated and is usually curable type of cancer. So, to prevent this cancer you should check these out:

1. Check if there are lumps in your testicles.

2. The feeling in your scrotum is getting heavier.

3. You're feeling a bit of pain or pressure in the lower part of your belly or groin.

 4. Your chest gets big and you experience some soreness in it.

Also, don’t worry if one of your  testicles is always larger than the other half and if one is always hanging lower than the other half because these are just natural and to be expected.

Source: TCF