Sunday, September 4, 2016

Must Read! This plant can kill cancer with other remedies and nutrients

Very rich in Asia the different kind of herbs which are useful to our body, Nevertheless, almost of these plant are strange to many or utilized for different uses.

Moringa oleifera is a plant which grows in South Asia and now found passim the tropics. This plant popular in the Philippines known as called "Malunggay".

This plant has need utilized as part of traditional medicine, it is very tidy and that contains a lot of nutrients which can cure the prevention about 300 diseases. This "Malunggay called as "Miracle tree".


The Moringa Oleifera both leaves and the pods of this plant are rich in many types of minerals and vitamins, in added, This leaves of Malunggay are bundled with more nutrients than the pods.  Comtempt this just 1 cup of the fresh pods can supply up to 15% of your RDA of vitamin C.

In 1 cup of leaves, here a following nutrients:

Magnesium - 8%
Iron - 11%
Proteins - 2g
Vitamin C - 12%
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 11%
Vitamin A - 9%
Vitamin B6 -16% of your daily allowance.

Here some benefits of this plant:

1) More potent bones
Apart from vitamins, this plant it also contains calcium and iron, which avails to fortify the bones and preventing density loss.

2.) Anti-cancer properties.
Each fruit is rich in antioxidant which oppose to fight free radicals precluding the formation of cancer cells.In added also has chlorogenic and quercetin which is precludes which means growth of tumors.


3.) Reliever for headache
The root of this plant is actually good for alleviating which is relieving for headache, here some tips just extract the juice from its roots and then mix it with equal amounts of jaggery.

4.) Care for eye problems
The paste from grinded leaves of miracle tree the water can help with eye problems like conjunctivis, here some tips just mix its juice with honey and use it like an eyeliner to care for eye swelling and corneal disorders.

5.) Regulate blood sugar
Study shows which are the drumstick of this plant avails lower blood sugar levels.

6.) Clean the Blood
Try a soup made from its leaves and drumstick pods using this soup can cleanse the blood and can also care for from acne and skin issues it has antibiatic properties.

7.) Anti-aging food
Its rich of vitamin A and which is to slow down the signs of aging and fortify eyesight. It also avails the immune system to be more potent.