Friday, September 2, 2016

Eat this fruit to lower your cholesterol, diabetes and fights hypertension

Carambola, commonly referred to as Star fruit, its tree is called Averrhoa Carambola which can be found in Philippines, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

It has ridges running down its side mostly five but sometimes it also varies, in cross section it looks like a star that's where the name came from.
The entire fruit is edible. They can be used when cooking and juicing. They can also be made as relish.

Here are some of its surprising effects:


1. Improves sleep and fights off insomnia
- It regulates the metabolism of the body and reduces the sleep orders of the person. This is because o the magnesium which improves the quality of sleep.

2. Makes the skin healthy
- It has flanavoids which makes the skin healthier, removing the atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

3. Eye-sight improvement
- This fruit contains vitamin A which is perfect for the eyes.

4. Reduces the levels of cholesterol
- The star fruit is filled with fiber which is beneficial to the body. Having bad cholesterol results to the clogged arteries.

5. Good for Developing Fetus
- It has folic acid or the vitamin B9 which is needed by the pregnant women and their babies. It improves the development of the neural tube and the brain of the baby.

6. Controls diabetes
- Because of its low sugar content, diabetics can consume this fruit without increasing their sugar level.


7. Hypertension regulation
- It has low sodium and potassium which maintains the low blood pressure. It also relaxes the blood vessel and veins to avoid the constriction and dilation which triggers the blood pressure.

8. Improves digestion
-  It is rich in fiber. It will absorb the nutrients and assimilates it to the body. The fiber will clear out the intestines.

9. Immune System enhancer
- The large amount of Vitamin C is contained in the fruit which protects the body from having common colds and influenza.

10. Contains Antimicrobial action
- A cup of starfruit has 76% of vitamin c. It is a water-soluble antioxidant that develops the resistance of the body against the infectious microorganisms.

People who are suffering from kidney failure, kidney diseases and those who are having kidney dialysis must not eat the fruit for it has high amounts of caramboxin and oxilic acid that can cause harm.

If you are taking medications such as statins, opiates or bezodiazepines, this fruit is not advisable for it can jeopardize the effect of your medicines.

Source: TNP