Friday, September 16, 2016

Almost we drink this daily, but many people didn't know it causes breast cancer.

According to a researchers named Kaiser Permanente he prove that the study shown about the breast cancer is a common cancer for women who eat full-fat diary wares after the women's diagnosis. Almost probably increased of a caused of death by this disease than affected roles with low-fat dairy food after diagnosis.

Hormone estrogen this is the growth of breast cell, including the hormone-receptor that caused a positive to the breast cancer.

It is a stored and grown in fat cells. Some expert said that dairy wares traded in the united states of America and other Western nations have high-levels of estrogen and progesterone amount in their complex body part because most of the milk made by a pregnant cows.

So that it might be possible that low fat-fat dairy have less estrogen and progesterone levels because almost of the fat has been taken out.


The women diagnosed with breast cancer ingest a low-fat dairy products, especially with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

The researchers getting to know, according to the study, if ingesting full-fat dairy products increased the risk caused a possible return of breast cancer.

Admitting the possibility caused by death from breast cancer. These full-fat dairy products have been scrutinized.

Whole milk
Condensed or evaporated milk
Ice cream

The women who took part of this study were monitored for about 12 years. The scientist that found, one of patients who eat-up one or more serving per day of full-fat diary products had increased in 64% probability of dying from any cause and 49% higher risk of death from breast cancer compared to the other affected roles who consumed less servings of full-fat products daily or a patients who ate low-fat dairy products.


Here are just a few advise every affected roles diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer you should frown the risk of return and hike the chances of survival, including this:

Consuming a healthy diet that's low in refined food and sugar

Keeping off alcohol

Keeping a normal body weight

Regular exercise daily

No smoking

Ask all the medications to your doctors ordered to preclude recurrence and decrease the chances of return.

Source: Supertastyrecipes