Friday, September 2, 2016

A 17 year old Man died because of a love bite from his girlfriend

A love bite also known as hickey is caused by a person sucking on a small area of another person's skin. This causes small blood vessels under the skin to burst - causing the bruise. It usually last for anything up to 12 days

A 17 year old, Julio Macias Gonzales from Mexican City, died because of the 'love bite' by her girlfriend which resulted to him having a stroke.


While having dinner with his parents, he started to have convulsions. So, they called paramedics but he was already dead before they arrived at their house.

Prior to that, he spent an evening with his 24 year old girlfriend. According to Mexican Media Reports, the suction of the love bite or also known as 'hickey' caused by his girlfriend is a clotting of the blood that travelled to Julio's brain which has caused him to have a stroke.

His parent blamed her girlfriend for his death and she's reportedly in hiding because of what she did.

His parent then added, that they are not in favor of the 7 year gap between the two but their son refused to break up with her.

Source: Socialpees