Monday, September 12, 2016

7 Symptoms before you will experience heart attack

Heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen.

Heart attack may happen when you least expect it. It doesn’t have a definite time and place.
It took the lives of many people vulnerable or not.

There was a case that she lost her dear friend because of this and the pain was so surreal. She was devastated with the sudden death.


She found some possible symptoms to know if you are about to experience the heart attack.

1. Indigestion, Heartburn, and Nausea

When these signals start to occur on more frequent levels, maybe it’s time for you to visit the doctor. It could mean nothing and it could mean preventing something big.

Nausea is a more common indicator for women.

2. Anxiety Attacks and Insomnia

The heart diseases are well known for decreasing oxygen levels. This could affect your mood and you will be able to notice it right away.

Anxiety attacks and insomnia are the first triggers and symptoms that something is not right with you.

Anxiety attacks are more frequent for women than men.

3. Unusual Swathing

If you sweat without the need to sweat, it means you should check your heart, especially if it lasts for more than a week.

4. Excessive Fatigue

Fatigue can be different. To consider fatigue as a warning sign, it must be like the kind of bone-weary fatigue.

If it lasts for days and it makes some simple and ordinary tasks difficult, this usually is a warning sign of a weak heart.


This will only get worse and my advice is to check that up with your doctor.

5. Chest Pain

Maybe one of the most vivid symptoms from this list. If you feel chest pain, pressure or burning, go and visit the doctor right away.

The pain will “move” across your left arm down or through the back. This is a bigger concern for men as it’s more common in men.

Women often experience heart problems without chest pain.

6. Ache and Pain

Although chest pain is closely associated with a heart attack, other types of pain could occur, too.

I’m talking about shoulders, arms, neck and even jaw pain could lead to heart attack.

If you experience some unexpected pain that isn’t provoked by an injury from a recent activity, you might want to check that up.

7. Dizziness and Shortness of Breath

Weak heart struggles to pump up oxygen around the body. This results with lack of breath and headaches. Women feel this more than men do.

Be extremely careful when you decide that “it’s nothing” and “it will pass”.

Don’t overreact now if you have a few of these symptoms. Maybe it’s nothing.
But it will cost you nothing if you visit your doctor for a regular check-up. if you are feeling these symptoms.

Source: healthysolutionsmagazine